About Me


My career began in 1984 when I qualified as a pharmacist which put me on the frontline of human healthcare, conventional medicine and the human behaviour to self-medicate.

When my own health – and that of my dogs – came under fire, I started questioning and seeking alternatives. My scientific background made me sceptical of natural methods. However, I gradually realised that conventional medicine often created more imbalance to a health state that was already off-kilter!

I trained and qualified in a specialised form of animal behavioural science, known as ‘Zoopharmacognosy’, where animals can self-medicate from nature’s pharmacy in a safe, facilitated therapy. With this therapy, I achieved noticeable results for both behavioural and physical animal health problems.



My experience working with an environmental group and further research into how wildlife use nature’s medicine highlighted the importance of self-care, health restoration and our inextricable link to nature. In particular, how we share the same remedies found in nature with some wildlife species.

After being asked to help with pet behavioural issues, I discovered that pets were often reflecting the stresses and anxieties of their owners and carers. When their human friends addressed their own wellbeing imbalances, pets were calmer, and their behaviour improved significantly.

This highlighted how our health and sense of wellbeing is frequently reflected in mental or emotional stress, behavioural changes and ineffective communication. This is strongly expressed in an energetic state that cannot be seen, measured or touched – only sensed!


So began my journey into energy therapy and understanding the human energetic system’s relationship with our physical, mental, emotional and environmental health. I have been an energy medicine practitioner for the last ten years.

I continue to learn and research (link to research page) vibrational energy healing, such as the relationship between conventional medicine and the body’s energetic system.

My own journey continues….


“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching”


I am trained and qualified as a Pharmacist, Diploma in Zoopharmacognosy, Reiki Master, Holistic Health Practitioner, Crystal Therapist and a Diploma in Chakra and Aura Healing. This skill combination helps me to understand your unique health and tailor a self care program to suit your individual health and wellness needs.



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