Due to current Government Social Distancing Restrictions, our animal self-healing therapy services have been suspended until it is safe to practise again. Please feel free to contact us to be added to our waiting list.

Animal Self-healing Therapy

In the wild, animals instinctively use nature to stay healthy. They seek out and use plants within their environment, not just for food, but to strengthen their immune system. This helps them to prevent or recover from illness, maintain wellbeing, and increase their survival rate.

The science of this self-healing animal behaviour is called zoopharmacognosy.

Our pets, horses, livestock and wildlife retain this ability to self-heal using natural remedies, but often don’t have access to them.

Our therapy program helps animals to rediscover this instinct and practice it away from the wild.

Zoopharmacognosy – how animals heal themselves with nature

Animals were first observed selecting plants for healing in chimpanzee populations seen eating leaves or pith with obvious distaste. It became apparent that this was a form of self-medication (self-healing behaviour). Otherwise, why would an animal eat something that provided no enjoyment or nutritional value?

Even domesticated animals display this behaviour. Many pet owners have witnessed their dog eating grass to purge their stomach, for example, or their feline companions rolling in catnip, which has insect repellent properties and is believed to promote the release of “feel-good” pheromones.

Farmers commonly give their livestock access to a salt or mineral block to lick when needed – another example of animals’ innate self-healing behaviour you may be familiar with.

How do we use this therapy?

Animals can’t communicate their needs when they’re ill. They do, however, have an innate knowledge of how to stay healthy and heal themselves when they’re sick.
Innate Scents therapy involves offering animals the opportunity to self-select pure, safe, natural healing substances from a range that have been professionally short-listed for their specific health needs, or based on a veterinary diagnosis.
By bringing out their natural instincts, this approach allows animals to access
remedies from nature’s pharmacy that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them.

Expert care for optimal results

Our pharmacological experience allows us to identify the organic healing therapies likely to be most effective for each animal and its health condition. By offering your animals relevant choices, we can optimally support their immune systems and promote natural healing.
Our expertise in the remedies and their impact on the body, and our genuine concern for animal health and wellbeing, allows us to achieve optimal results safely and effectively.

Unlike in human aromatherapy, we never directly apply oils to an animal’s body, as this would go against the natural healing concept of this therapy. In cases where an animal has a wound or skin complaint, the animal can self-select the appropriate remedies and their preferred method of application. We then apply their chosen remedy to the affected area using a natural, appropriate medium (also pre-selected by the individual animal).

Is this method safe?

Because animals and plants have evolved to interact for their mutual benefit, zoopharmacognosy has withstood the test of time.

This approach has an excellent safety profile when used with knowledge of the remedies and their appropriate use, particularly because the animals determine the selection, method of administration, dose, and length of treatment. Zoopharmacognosy does not replace traditional veterinary care, but works alongside it as another avenue of healing.

While there have been many reported incidents of harm to animals with essential oils, they are safe when used with knowledge, care and experienced professional guidance.

No animal is put at risk or forced to participate, and treatment is conducted with consent and coordination with the animal’s vet

What can Animal Self-healing therapy offer?

Home or yard visits

We offer home or yard visits to re-create the innate experience for animals and teach their owners/carers how to safely and effectively use the therapy. Therapy is available on a one-to-one basis or in small group workshops. Long-distance consultations may be available on request. Please call or email me with as much detail as possible and I will get in touch.

It naturally followed and highlighted to me how aspects of our own health and sense of wellbeing, often played out in our own lives such as mental or emotional stress, behavioural changes, ineffective communication, is strongly expressed in an energetic state that cannot be seen, measured or touched only sensed!


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What you need to know before your session

This therapy is not a replacement for the opinion of your veterinary surgeon. If you have any concerns about your animals’ health, consult your vet first. In the interest of your animal’s health, and in compliance with veterinary law, you will need to obtain approval from your vet to ensure there are no medical reasons precluding your animal(s) from participating in therapy,
or being offered essential oils and other remedies on a self-selection basis.

Usually this simply means a phone call to your vet for confirmation.

Many pet insurance companies now cover complementary and alternative therapies. Please check your policy details.

To help us tailor the session to the needs of your animal(s) and maximise the potential benefits of therapy, we ask you to complete and return a consultation form.  This gives us an overview of your animal’s background, health and behavioural history, daily routine, diet, exercise, environment and any current or previous illnesses.  Consultations may vary depending on your circumstances, but generally involve an interactive therapy session in which you and your animal(s) participate.

Your animal will first be fully assessed, with attention to any issues you’ve identified on the consultation form.  You’ll be taken through the process of introducing the remedies to your animal(s) and interpreting their responses.  This is important because the animals already know and trust you, and you may need to continue the course of therapy for a while.

Animals are never offered therapy while taking veterinary prescribed medication, treatment or undergoing diagnostic tests, awaiting or recovering from surgery, very thin animals, young animals up to a year old, those weaning their young or while pregnant. They are never forced or tied up; they are free to walk away from a remedy they have no interest in. The process is about empowering and enabling the animals to select and administer their own choice of organic therapy in their own way, and in their own time.

Following up
On request, details of your animal(s) therapy can be forwarded to your vet so that they can monitor and follow up if necessary. I am available for ongoing advice and support and can be contacted by email or phone.

Group sessions/workshops
Please contact me by phone or email. Group sessions will usually involve an introductory talk about the therapy, demonstrations and hands-on, practical sessions with your own animals. We will endeavour to cater for any specific requirements on request.