To see how energy medicine can work for you, please read my client’s experience of a “hands-on” therapy session. This can be equally effective during a “distance session” (when the client is absent).

Restoring balance and flow of the energy system is a subtle healing process that is not always obvious but often recognized by others and expressed in the way they respond towards you.  In this case study, I have used energy medicine to help strengthen the client’s vulnerability to an adverse situation and improve relationships with others in both the workplace and at home.

Case study 1 (32-year-old male – Client A)

The Issues Client A faced

Client A, had been working at a company for about 2 years, was in generally good physical health and had no other underlying medical conditions. Client A started to feel stressed and anxious. His symptoms included fatigue, disturbed sleep, feeling withdrawn from friends and colleagues. More recently, he also developed problems with digestion, lack of concentration and all this was affecting his relationships at home.

From the initial consultation, I learned his relationship with his mother had always been strained, he perceived her to be difficult and controlling. To add further strain to his life, Client A started to feel intimidated and harassed by his manager at work. Client A felt that he could not truly defend himself as his tormentor was in a position of power.

By conducting the assessment of his energy field, it became obvious that Client A’s solar plexus, sacral, root and throat chakras were all underactive. On top of this, it appeared that there were tears in his aura which suggested energy leakage and a loss of vitality.

How My Therapy Identified the Issues to Help Client A

The chakras and aura interact and are closely related, so healing and rebalancing them both was necessary to address the issues the client was experiencing. The aura not only affects one’s energetic system and state of mind but also influences those around you and your interactions with them.

The clients lack in self-confidence, poor digestion and willpower is governed by the Solar Plexus chakra situated just above the naval and is related to maternal relationships. Client A’s strained relationship with his mother deeply affected his Solar Plexus chakra.

The Root chakra relates to one’s stability, security and vitality. This could account for his feelings of insecurity and anxiety, fatigue, withdrawal, feelings of victimisation all of which can translate into concerns over his job situation.

The Sacral Chakra governs our ability to socialise, our self-worth and relationships with others. Client A has developed signs of emotional instability, coupled with the inability to focus and represses his emotions. The throat chakra governs the voice, communication and self-expression and Client A’s imbalance indicates feelings of resentment, timidity and introversion.

The Solution

Therapy included once-weekly sessions of Reiki to cleanse Client A’s energy system. This helped to open and rebalance the affected chakras and created a free flow of energy, repairing the tears in his Aura. I also included grounding and protection exercises and provided Client A with self-help tools such as crystals to use as part of his daily self-care routine. I coupled this with a healthier diet and lifestyle changes to provide a holistic healing process.

The Results

Once the weekly sessions ended, I followed up with Client A for an update on his progress. He reported to me that he felt emotionally stronger, more vocal and less affected by the behaviour of his line manager towards him. He felt his self-confidence improved and noticed that the attitude of his line manager had become more respectful towards him. The energy emanating from the chakras and aura cannot be seen or touched, only sensed. There had also been improvements in relationships in his personal life, he has noticed improvements in his sleep patterns and no more anxiety or problems with digestion.