Expected mental health issues resulting from lengthy lockdown during Covid19 pandemic:

The desire to belong and to have our needs met is hard-wired into us, and fear of losing this is an underlying cause of anxiety. Therefore any restrictions imposed upon us about being in contact with our friends and families are going to have an emotional effect. How we deal with this depends upon the techniques we have at our disposal. Although it is possible to connect via various online methods, the loss of actual face to face contact – and touch for those living lone – can impact strongly.

The enforcement of a new daily routine, which we may have now adapted to, is something not made by our own choice and, therefore, something to be managed. This adjustment can have an emotional effect, which may not be obvious but will be affecting our psyche on a mental plane.

Added to this, is the uncertainty many face about work and business. If there is a low level of fear for a prolonged time, this causes high stress on the body physically. Such an imbalance long term is extremely destructive and can result in depression, anxiety disorders, reliance on alcohol or drugs, and in some cases, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Finally, the ultimate fear to be dealt with, that of death. This affects not only family members and friends, but in the case of COVID19 frontline health workers. There are noticeable effects of grief in primary loss, and because of some COVID19 restrictions, usual mourning rituals have not been possible. Grieving is a process that takes time, and this varies with each individual. Secondary losses are more covert, and if not dealt with can emerge later as mental health concerns.

How a holistic approach can improve outcomes for a variety of mental health issues:

The body is an amazingly complex organism, which for optimal health, well-being, and strengthening of our immune system and longevity depend upon all of its components working synergistically. This includes our energy system as well as other body systems we are more familiar with such blood, nervous, and respiratory systems. Our energetic system and its vibrational level and quality of immune function are affected by the subtle energy flow through the body. The vibration of the biofield (energy field) is an intrinsic factor in how the body functions on all physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

A holistic approach to any mental health issues – incorporating depression, anxiety, fear, and grief – looks at the underlying cause and not at simply treating the exhibiting symptoms. Eastern medicine has long recognized the importance of how chi runs through the meridians and chakras, and the blockages, which often stem from emotional causes but present as physical or psychological problems.

For example, those with an imbalanced heart chakra (energy centre) often cannot connect deeply with others, which can cause self-isolation or an internal withdrawal, even without any external world factors or

directives. This leads to living a lonely, disconnected life, which invariably creates a depressed state of being. It is well documented how this alienation from others also causes high blood pressure and heart problems.