Human energy field and investigative health research 

Collaborate with Restoring Therapies on holistic health research projects

Are you a health practitioner interested in the human energy field and an integrative approach to wellbeing for the body, mind and spirit? 

If you think you have experienced energetic changes while taking medication, I would love to hear from you. I’d also invite anyone who is interested in supporting this area of research to get in contact. 

An integrative health approach 

My background in conventional medicine, along with my training and experience in restoring health through the human energy field, have created a hunger for research into any influencing factors between the two disciplines and a more integrative approach to healthcare. 

I believe that our clients can benefit most when health practitioners work together, share their knowledge and keep an open mind about different pathways to healing.  

Together, we can create a cost-effective and holistic approach to health, while providing the physical, mental and emotional support our clients need to re-establish wellbeing. 

My current research interests include: 

  • how prescribed medications interact with the human energy field 
  • how holistic health practitioners can best work with those trained in western medicine  

I’m also interested in collaborating with practitioners already conducting research into healing through the human energy field or using an integrative approach to health.